School Supplies and Family Strengthening

It’s no secret that we are ardent supporters and promoters of family strengthening.

Children best grow when they are able to live WITH the ones who love them most!

Poverty should NEVER be a reason for a loving family to break down.


Over the past two years of our existence, we’ve worked with a number of vulnerable families and held their hands through difficult times. Or, helped them get on their feet after experiencing loss and devastation. There are 13 ‘core’ families that Child Advocacy Africa has been working with over the past 1+ year. We do not have an official sponsorship program, but we have invested in these ladies and their families in a variety of ways….

Moms supporting families!
Many of the mothers make lovely handwoven baskets and sewn items, which we help them sell to earn a very fair wage. Some are battling HIV and now feel so much better after receiving counseling and resources through HIV/AIDS programs CAA has linked them up with. Others have come from abusive relationships, and received safe shelter in the form of a loving and supportive community of women and CAA staff who wrap around them and their children. These ladies also come together for Bible study and minister to each others’ emotional, mental and spiritual needs in a number of ways. It’s an honor to walk alongside them!

So what is the deal about school supplies? Glad you asked!


ALL of the families we partner with have one common, monumental challenge: Getting their children into school. For some families, their children have not been in school for many months, or YEARS. Some have never even attended school at all.

In Uganda, a basic government school education is “FREE,” however specific school supplies, uniforms, and registration fees are mandatory and largely cost prohibitive for families already living on economic fringes. Since children are not allowed to attend school unless they have all the required supplies, these kids sit at home! The parents place high value on getting their kids into school and would love nothing more than to make this happen. We feel the same way and we continually search for ways to assist. As children are uplifted, the family as a unit is uplifted.

Here is where we need YOU! There are 30 children in total we endeavor to help with school supplies. Will you stand with us?

CAA director, Freda Luzinda, was recently able to partner with local schools to waive all entrance and PTA/registration fees!!! However, the children need to report to school with all the required school supplies and their uniforms or risk being denied the opportunity to enroll. Our goal is to raise up enough supplies for one full year for 30 children.

Each family will provide their children with the needed food to eat at school. For many this is a challenge in and of itself, but it is very important that the parents have “buy-in” and a sense of ownership in this endeavor!

Already, many of you have helped us raise the total amount of backpacks needed for each child. For this we offer our appreciation and thanks. Here are a few photos of some of the children receiving their backpacks and some pencils & pens just a few weeks ago:



We still have work to do! These are the items remaining! Would you help us?

Pencils (600) = $90
Pens (600) = $70
Rulers (30) = $20
Colored Pencil Sets (90) = $157
Erasers (90) = $77
Geometry Sets ( 30) = $25
Mops (90) = $171
Reams of Paper (90) = $360
Portfolios w/ Snaps (90) = $153
Small “Exercise Book” Notebooks (2,250) = $550
Black Books (360) = $300
Brooms (90) = $57
Toilet Paper (90) = $90
Scrub Brushes (90) = $57
Uniforms  ( 30) = $1250
School Shoes (30) = $600
Already provided – Backpacks and handkerchiefs for all!
TOTAL to help all 30 kids get 1 year’s worth of school supplies: $4,027 total (or $134 per child!)
**Items in BLUE may be collected and donated in the USA for shipping to Uganda, but for practical reasons the other items would be easier purchased in Uganda with funds raised!

Here is how you can get involved. We greatly value your investment in these children, in education, & in the future of Uganda. These are the country’s future leaders!

1. SHARE. Please share this post on social media, via email, and by word of mouth. We need everyone to get involved and we can’t do that without your shares.
2. DONATE. We do our best to limit the number of times we reach out for donations during the year. We hope you’ll see this as a worthy cause and give generously!
3. FACEBOOK. If you haven’t already, like the A Child’s Voice page, to keep up to date on all information related to this initiative. (Spoiler: We will be giving away some really cool items for those who participate in the coming weeks)

Donations can be made clicking this link.


Finally, another AWESOME way to get involved with this project is to get your child’s school or Sunday School involved! Tree of Life School, in Kalamazoo, MI, recently held a school supply drive to supply some of the pencils, pens, erasers and crayons needed. They sent their photos to our kids in Uganda, and got a bunch of letters and pictures in return! Another school in Michigan is endeavoring to fundraise for one or two of these children in Uganda per classroom. “Penny Wars for Good,” bake sales, garage sales…The potential is huge to meet REAL, practical needs for these vulnerable children in Uganda while impacting kids here in the States with a broader worldview!  If you’d like additional information on this initiative please email Judy with your questions (

“Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

May we all begin RIGHT NOW to invest in these children to change the world.



5 Responses to “School Supplies and Family Strengthening”

  1. Mary Duffy Says:

    Great Website and ideas to help.


    • admin Says:

      Thank you, Mary! If you have any great ideas for pushing this initiative forward, send them our way 🙂


  2. Mary Duffy Says:

    I would like to sponsor a child for $134.00. PLEASE let me know the most expedient way to do this. Would prefer sending a check to ???

    Mary Duffy


    • admin Says:

      Mary, sending a check would work very well! You can make it out to “A Child’s Voice” and send it to: PO Box 1243, Holland, MI 49422. We will add your pledge to the total raised so far! Thank you so much.


  3. Mary Duffy Says:

    If I send a check to Manna Fellowship in Michigan and say I want to sponsor a child for school in Uganda – one of the 30 referred to above. Will that work??


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