Sarah’s Hope- Part 3

This is the third post in a three part series. Please check out Part I and Part II as well!

As I wrote at the beginning of this blog series about Sarah, I wanted this story to have a happy ending. I thought it would be so neat to share Sarah’s story after she and her family had moved into their place and were moving towards self reliance.

So, I have been waiting. But God gently convicted me for waiting, and nudged me to share.  His ways are not our ways, and His ways are higher than our ways.

Sarah’s story has not played out the way anyone had envisioned. We know God loves her family, and we know He is working for their good. He is writing the story in a way that involves prayer and support from the Body of Christ. He is writing the story in a way that brings Him glory.


Sarah and her family remain so grateful for the opportunity to be a family again.  Today, Sarah’s pain is a little better. We pray that she will receive a good report from the doctors at her next follow-up appointment.

When we initially met Sarah, Child Advocacy Africa social workers drafted a plan for her family with a spreadsheet of estimated expenses. As mentioned in Part I, it included medical treatment, home and shop rental, food, and purchasing a few other necessary items. The plan was discussed with the board of A Child’s Voice and money from the Vulnerable Family Crisis Fund was allotted to cover these estimated costs.

However, Sarah became very sick and remained sick for quite some time. Her hospital bills and cost of medications depleted the allotted funds for her family. Even still, there are additional medical costs anticipated for Sarah.

In Part II, I shared the joys of reuniting a family. Placing children back into a loving home is always the right thing to do. But, there are challenges as well. If poverty is the reason children are placed into an orphanage, we want to prevent this from happening by supporting a mother in a journey to self sustainability. This family has been reunited, but they remain vulnerable. Extreme poverty combined with a single mother’s disability presents many challenges. We at CAA endeavor to stay involved in offering support and guidance and helping this family to succeed. Help is needed!

Last Friday, we sat down again to discuss the needs for Sarah’s family and the available finances. Although Sarah’s children were so happy to see their mother, they were also starving. They were fed very little in the orphanage and ate food with almost no nutritional value. Their malnourished bodies needed foods with protein and vitamins. The most immediate need was obviously food for these children. Then, we needed to discuss short term and long term needs. Realizing the need for a large amount of money was discouraging and overwhelming to us. But, we knew God could and would provide.

Last week, an American family was visiting Uganda and staying here at the CAA office. They thought they were leaving on Thursday morning to fly back to America, but their flight was actually scheduled to leave Friday morning. As they spent additional time at the office that day, they heard Sarah’s case being discussed. They wanted to help, and provided financial assistance to buy needed food for Sarah’s family. Had they left on Thursday, they would not have known this need! I see God’s hand in this.

Also last week, ACV mentioned Sarah’s needs on a Facebook post. Two separate families heard the story, and gave generously to help meet short term needs. In a matter of about 36 hours, God provided over $1,019 to meet some immediate needs! We praise God for His provision.

In order to serve Sarah’s family well, additional help is needed. Below is a summary of expected expenses; would you prayerfully consider how you may be able to help? If you cannot fund these needs but want to share Sarah’s story and fundraise for this cause, wonderful! If a family wishes to come alongside and financially support the monthyl needs of this family, that would be a huge blessing! We know this will be a complicated and lengthy journey to self reliance and healing. But, we trust that God will provide for this family and write the story in the way He sees best.

Estimated monthly costs for Sarah’s family: $270/month for 6 months, then $100/month

Start up costs for Sarah’s shop: $1630 ($1,905 was total needed, minus $275 donated)

Start up costs for Sarah’s house (includes purchasing mattresses, lanterns, utensils, etc. Including medical checkups for all four children): $ 645 (sponsored!)

Quality education for all three school age children: $1,600 per year


As with all designated funds, 100% of money donated for Sarah will be applied to these direct needs above. If you have questions or would like a detailed spreadsheet of the budgeted line items for Sarah’s family, please contact Justin at for more information! 

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  1. Tina Says:

    The story about Sarah and her family moved me to tears.I thank God for the wonderful things He does in the life of the downtrodden.Praise be to God!!
    Christine (Ugandan living in Japan)


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