Adoptive families are truly unable to make informed, ethical decisions about their alliances unless credible information is obtained from an independent, non-affiliated source. In all reality, the orphanages, agencies and lawyers a family may hire all have financial implications at stake when adoptions are either successful or unsuccessful and as such are not considered to be objective entities.

Donors supporting orphanages and children’s ministries may not necessarily know for certain how their charity of choice ranks according to ethical standards – Whether the outcome of reporting be positive or negative.

One of our goals is to keep the public apprised of the performance of orphanages and child care entities in Uganda through the sharing of our assessments. This is non-biased, factual data reporting and is NOT based on subjective criteria. Subsequent assessments are conducted at either monthly or bi-annual intervals, dependent upon findings. These assessments are shared publicly only after findings have been reported to appropriate Ugandan officials.

As always, our highest goal is to ensure the proper care and the best interest of orphans and vulnerable children and we share with you under this exclusive intent.