Sarah’s Hope- Part 2

This is the second in a three part series. Please check out Part I and Part III!

Our first priority was to take Sarah to a clinic. The doctors confirmed that Sarah had a miscarriage that occurred earlier in the year. Because there was no medical intervention at the time of miscarrying, Sarah now had a massive infection. She has needed a procedure called a DNC, but doctors wanted to treat the overwhelming infection first. Sarah started taking oral antibiotics while staying at Ruth’s house. After some time, her condition worsened and she was hospitalized. As her condition became more critical and the infection spread throughout her body, we hoped and prayed that she would overcome this. She received IV antibiotics and slowly she became more stable. The doctors sent her back to Ruth’s house to finish her treatment. During this time, Sarah remained extremely sick. She was weak and experiencing a lot of pain. Ruth and her family cared for her and helped transport her to and from her appointments.

Since meeting Sarah in June, she has lived with intense pain. Over the past week, however, Sarah’s pain has diminished. She had an abdominal scan yesterday and received a good report. The medication is working and her scan showed healing was taking place. The doctors want her to continue taking medication for another 2 weeks and then re -evaluate. There is even a chance that she will not need a DNC.  While she is feeling better, her health remains a challenge. She is not able to care for herself, and has minimal energy. She remains at Ruth’s house and most likely will stay until there until she is strong enough to live independently. But, we praise God for progress and positive report! 

Through all of this, Sarah has continued to miss her children.While Sarah has been receiving treatment, the social workers at Child Advocacy Africa found a rental house and shop for her family. When Sarah’s health is restored, her family will be moving in and starting a shop. While we hope her family can move in soon, we realize that the journey to healing and self reliance will take time. In the mean time, Ruth and her family were willing to let Sarah’s children stay in their house. They knew how badly Sarah missed her children. Child Advocacy Africa was able to offer temporary support to Ruth and her family as they incur the costs of three additional children to feed.

Last Thursday was a beautiful day. Freda referred Sarah’s case back to the police, who were able to get Sarah’s children out of the orphanage. Sarah’s children were reunited with their mother after months of separation! Sarah’s oldest daughter put her arms around her mother and would not let go. All of the children were so happy! Finally, their family was back together again! I can not imagine what a mother must feel when knowing your children are with you for the first time in months. It was a glorious reunion!


Sarah’s oldest child after being reunited with her mother. They look so much alike!

I was able to talk to Sarah today. I told her that I was sharing her story with many friends and many people were praying for her. She said she is feeling “somewhat little” pain today. I could hear her children playing in the background. I told her that her children sounded very happy. Her response, “But me, I am very happy”. We celebrate the beautiful, God designed calling of motherhood. Mothers can not put into words the love they have for their children. It’s a God- given love that runs deeper than any love a woman has ever experienced. I believe serious emotional and spiritual healing took place in Sarah last Thursday when her children came home.



Children approaching their mother

I want to share more about whats been happening in this family since being reunited. So, I will share Part Three of this story tomorrow. It will also include ongoing needs that the family has. Today, though, we can rejoice in a God who is about redemption and restoration. His story is one of loss and love. He is the Healer of the broken. He is the Hope for Sarah. As you read through this story, ask yourself where you see God at work? What is He telling us as His followers?


Sarah’s beautiful children



Note: As always, stories and photographs shared with the permission of those we serve.


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