Looking for information about adoption, orphan care or other issues as they relate to Uganda’s children?

Here are some good links that we want to make sure our readers know about. As always, we’d love to hear if there are other resources you recommend we add to the list.

Examining Adoption Ethics – Part 1 – Jen Hatmaker

Ugandan Adoption: Everything You Need To Know – Family Hope Love

Walking Away From Our Ugandan Adoption – Gracelings

Ethics of Adoption – The Kitchen Is Not My Office

On Ugandan Orphans and Adoption – Family Hope Love

Helping Without Hurting in Uganda – Family Hope Love

The New Faces of International Adoption – Sister Haiti

Speaking of Truth – Family Hope Love

Questions Every Prospective Adoptive Parent (PAP) Should Ask – Life Together

Alleviate – Livesay

Allen’s Story – Abide Family Center

Are We Helping Orphans Or Creating Them? – Delighted in the Lord

Questions We Should Have Asked – Delighted in the Lord


The inclusion of these links means that we believe they are relevant, quality contributions to the conversation surrounding orphan care, adoption, and vulnerable families. We hope you will absorb and consider carefully. Even though we include these specific links, we are not automatically endorsing any or all websites, adoptions, agencies, orphanages, lawyers, individuals or organizations connected to these authors. If you have any questions about our connections to any of the sources, please contact us!