Leadership Workshop on March 11th

An orphanage is usually the first place where children end up after they have lost parental care. Once they enter the system, their destiny is decided by probation officers, orphanage administration, attorneys, etc. Unfortunately in Uganda, the measures in place by the Children’s Act to support Uganda’s Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVCs) are not always followed – Either intentionally or unintentionally.

In response to this pressing issue, Child Advocacy Africa has organized a very special first convene of both government and non-government entities to focus on standard operating procedures regarding the handling the care of Uganda’s OVCs.

This is an invitation to the leadership workshop on March 11th, held at the Namirembe Cathedral Resource Center in Kampala. It is specifically  for any person or organization that comes into contact with Uganda’s OVCs!

Do you work for or financially support an orphanage  in Uganda? Make decisions for its OVCs? Work with international or domestic adoptions of Ugandan children? If yes – This is for you. It’s time to stop blaming the government or other parties and to take personal/organizational steps to ensure that we are not ignoring some of the most foundational rights of children. They deserve our best efforts which uphold their best interest.

Please reserve your place at the workshop by 7th March 2013 at 5pm Uganda time by emailing:  info@a-childs-voice.org

A very special thanks to the Foundation for Hope & Grace for their financial sponsorship of this event!

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