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A Child’s Voice to join The Foundation of Hope & Grace in effort to strengthen advocacy for vulnerable children and families in Uganda.

Dear Friends & Supporters of A Child’s Voice,

We have some very exciting news to share with you. Today, A Child’s Voice (ACV) and The Foundation for Hope & Grace are announcing a merger that will combine the two organizations’ global efforts to advocate for vulnerable children and families. The Board of Directors for each respective organization has approved the agreement, and our partner Child Advocacy Africa on the ground in Uganda is also in full agreement. The current ACV board will step down as part of the transition, allowing The Foundation for Hope & Grace to lead combined operations beginning April 1, 2017.

The Foundation for Hope & Grace is currently engaged in supporting vulnerable children and families in the United States, India, Ecuador, and Haiti. This union with A Child’s Voice will now add Uganda to the list of countries where The Foundation for Hope & Grace is active. Both organizations share a common value system that prioritizes the support and protection of vulnerable children and families. A Child’s Voice, through the work of Child Advocacy Africa, has been an active participant in protecting the poor and marginalized from violence and trafficking in Uganda. The Foundation for Hope & Grace has also partnered with ACV and Child Advocacy Africa on various projects over the past five years! It is truly a natural fit for these two organizations to combine efforts, and we are all eager to see what the future holds.

Outwardly, very little will be affected by the merger. A Child’s Voice will retain its organizational name, trademarks, website, and social media channels. The only change that will impact ACV’s donors/supporters will be a new mailing address and a new giving platform effective April 1st. All current donors will receive communication directly from A Child’s Voice/The Foundation for Hope & Grace on how to make the necessary changes so that giving remains uninterrupted during the transition. All organizational activities in Uganda directed by ChildAdvocacy Africa will continue as planned.

We, the outgoing board of A Child‘s Voice, would like to thank each and every one of you for your generous support of the work this organization has accomplished over the past 5 years. Together we’ve been blessed to do a great deal of good through our partnership with Freda Luzinda and the work of ChildAdvocacy Africa. This merger with the Foundation for Hope & Grace is just another step in furthering ACV’s capacity to impact more vulnerable children and families for years to come.Truly, we couldn’t be more excited with this merger and the bright future ahead for all involved. Thank you for your continued support!

The outgoing board of A Child‘s Voice
Gabriel Kalmbacher, Anna Kalmbacher, Judy Kleis, Justin Simpson

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