On the ground: CFPU Progress!

Amazing progress is happening at the office for Child & Family Protection, these days…We could not wait to share an exciting update with you!


Before (top) and after (bottom)! // Exterior improvements are well underway! New paint, new glass window panes, and even some grass growing! (see below)

A Frt Walk WA0039

In this blog we shared an urgent need to come alongside our partners at CFPU,  helping secure funding for significant renovations to their assigned office space. The office space they were recently designated was in horrible shape; certainly not sanitary or suitable to care for the families and children these officers serve every day.


Before: Prolific water damage and mold from a leaky roof!
After: Roof tiles repaired, leaking stopped, and new plaster patching/paint!

Things are looking a LOT different at the new Child & Family Protection Unit!


Backyard transformation!!
Before (top): Uneven ground, leaking water pipes, and no space to accommodate waiting families and children
After (bottom): Breaking ground, pouring concrete, and erecting a “sun shade” structure for the new reception area!

With huge thanks to the donors who gave to this need, the $4,000 raised is now in process of being put to excellent use.

A Office WA0004

Settling in!

A Office WA0006

We are thankful for your service to Uganda’s most vulnerable!

Since the Child & Family Protection officers needed to move to this location before all funds had been raised, they have been moving desks, supplies and personnel around while renovations take place. No one is complaining about the inconvenience, though! Commissioner Alalo and her team send their appreciation of everyone who has partnered with this project through A Child’s Voice, and we are excited to finally reveal the finished product with you when all work is completed.


Commissioner Christine Alalo, in her office!

A few weeks from now, we will post photos of the fully completed renovations to the office space, new reception area, and the dedication acknowledgements. Stay tuned! In the mean time, would you please share this blog post to help us get the word out? Thank you!

{And now, the best for last} –>


Before (left) – Not kidding.
After (right) – Repaired plumbing, new toilet, fresh paint, and accompanying sign: “Leave it like you found it”

Recent post about CFPU needs can be found here, and a follow-up interview with Commissioner Alalo can be found here.

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