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May 8, 2014

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Update 6/11/14: Wonderful news! Teresa now has a sponsor who is commited to helping her continue attending Makerere Business School! Praise God. If you read this blog and feel touched to sponsor another worthy but struggling college student like Teresa, please contact us for more information. We know so many bright young people just like Teresa. Thank you!

Meet Teresa.

Teresa is 19 years old, and a very aspiring young woman.


Her mother, Mary, is a woman who garners great respect. Mary volunteers her time to mentor vulnerable women whom Child Advocacy Africa serves. They value her wisdom and counsel very much, since she is their elder.


Teresa is the first person in her family to ever get accepted into, and attend, university. As a secondary school student, she worked many odd jobs and even weaved baskets for CAA to earn some money to pay for her schooling. Her mother is poor; Mary and Teresa have both worked very hard to get Teresa through school thus far.

In the fall of 2013, Teresa was accepted into Makerere University Business School where she has started to pursue a international business degree!! She is determined, and her mom is wildly proud of her.

DSC_0050 (2)
When Teresa was accepted at Makerere, she and her mother fundraised within their church and community to come up with a few hundred dollars. This allowed her to start business school. However, since November she has been unable to take exams and advance in the program due to a lack of sustainable tuition dollars. She has the brains and determination, but just like so many children and women in Uganda, monetary investment is lacking.


Child Advocacy Africa staff have highly recommended Teresa for a sponsor. Her determination, aspirations, brains, and vision are incredible! What stands between Teresa and completing her international business degree is $1,200 for books and tuition, due every August, and $700 for tuition every January ($1,900 a calendar year).

Do you know someone who would be interested in becoming an education sponsor for Teresa, so she can complete business school? You can make your tax deductible donation here, or please contact Anna at: anna@a-childs-voice.org for more information!

It would be very possible for a sponsor to exchange letters and communication with Teresa as well, encouraging her along her university journey. Also, periodic academic reports from Makerere can be provided to ensure accountability.

Her future is so bright, and we would hate to see her spot lost at Makerere due to lack of investment. Thank you for sharing about Teresa with your family, friends or colleagues!

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