Freda Luzinda

Freda LuzindaFreda Luzinda, Country Director of Child Advocacy Africa, caught the vision to advocate for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda during her time processing adoption visas at the US Embassy in Kampala. “Processing adoption visas was the most fulfilling job I had ever done in my life because I was part of a team that changed lives forever. I always did this work with passion,” she states.

Since Uganda is not party to the Hague convention, the US government requires that orphan investigations are carried out for each and every child before a visa is issued. While carrying out orphan investigations, Freda was confronted daily with the reality of fraud and child pawning in adoption cases. She also had the joy of seeing legitimately orphaned children become members of new families. As a Christian, mother, and a lawyer, her zeal for justice propelled her to leave her position at US Embassy in February 2012 and start Child Advocacy Africa. It is her desire to speak up on behalf of the vulnerable children of Uganda and fight against fraud before the matters of fraudulent adoptions spiral out of control.

Freda was born and raised in Uganda. Prior to her work at the US Embassy in Kampala, Freda studied for her Law Degree and Bar Course at the Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. In the UK, she was a solicitor specializing in the rights of children in domestic and international Law  at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (Community Care UK-  A program for children in social care). Freda defended young children, especially migrants/refugees who faced destitution and exploitation that often led them to crime, prostitution and exploitative work. Her Ugandan bar course internship/residence was at Sebalu Lule and Co. Advocates, a leading law firm in Uganda. She is an Attorney at Law, and also has a B.S. degree from Makerere University in social work.  Freda has written several consultative papers on the rights of children.