Baby Nate- Part II

{Check out part one of Nate’s story here!}

The story of Jesus feeding the five thousand comes to mind frequently here in Uganda. The disciples see the need and know they don’t have what it takes to provide food for everyone. He is capable of turning 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish into a meal for five thousand people. Knowing that He is able, we walk forward in obedience in supporting and cheering on a disabled grandmother to care for her grandchild. We watch as He performs a miracle of provision.

I wrote about Baby Nate’s story and the response was overwhelming. So many people have joined us in praying for and cheering for Hanifah. She is doing it, guys. She is raising Nate and he loves his jaja (grandmother). He is thriving and it has been so neat to see his personality develop. He is walking, laughing, and starting to say words. Everyone at the office adores him and he is never starved for attention here. But, more than anything, he loves the attention and love his jaja gives him.

I want to share with everyone what happened after writing about Baby Nate. I received an email from a friend from college. I haven’t seen or really even talked to this girl in years. I open up my email and read this:

How can I support you and Nathan? Random story, but in March I had a vision during our womens Bible studys praise and worship time of me holding a little black boy around 1 1/2 or 2. Never had a vision before but it was so vivid and clear! I instantly began to pray about the meaning of it and particularly the little boy. The following week in our church service I really felt like God was telling me Uganda is where he is.I know, it sounds crazy. I’ve looked at various ministries but I never had a peace about any of them. Regardless I’ve been praying for the little boy I never met ever since. I don’t know if I’m supposed to support him financially or personally, I just know he is mine to pray for and hold (in my heart for now) Anyways, since you are there and ironically Nathan looks very much like the little boy in my mind. Love on him lots!

The conversation continues over the next few days. Immediately after seeing her email, I show it to our social workers and director. Our social worker says, “I know this is the baby God showed her. That is how God works.” Another worker says, “We are seeing the power of God.”

Around the time of Nate’s mother trying to kill him, God gives my friend in America a vision of a baby in need of prayer. She has faithfully prayed for this child, not knowing where he is and how he will come into her life. And, then I post a picture on my blog and this is the baby God put on her heart. I have chills all over my body, in the heat of the day, as I try to write my friend back.  I am in awe of who God is. Even now, I am struggling to find words to express how powerful and good He is. There is no other explanation for why my friend in America was given a vision of a boy in Uganda in need of prayers, other than Christ. We know Jesus loves Baby Nate,  and now He has given us a glimpse of  just how deep His love is for His children.

We begin talking about Nate’s needs and how she can help. She and her husband want to fully cover his needs. And just like that, Nate has a family in America who is praying for him, providing for his needs, and cheering on Hannifah as she raises him.  I asked her if I could share this part of the story. She said I could as long as He gets the glory.

No mother should ever abandon her baby, but that is the reality of the sinful world we live in. But, as believers, we live with the hope of glory. We know that one day He will return and all things will be reconciled to Him. So many times in Scripture, God gives us a vision of His glory. The truth of who He is keeps us going. We were made for the glory of God. God has written this story of Nate’s life in a way that shows us more of who He is. I needed a glimpse of His glory. I want the vision of His glory to change the way I live life, to stir my affections for Jesus. Holding Jesus in our mind transforms us and strengthens our confidence in Him. So in sharing Baby Nate’s story, I pray that He will give you confidence in His grace and a vision of future glory that awaits us.

 Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart. 



This is a guest post by Courtney, one of two wonderful American volunteers God has blessed us with on the ground in Uganda. Courtney and Melissa (MJ) both arrived to work with CAA in June, and are continuing to share more stories about their work with CAA over the coming year. Thank you for serving with us, ladies!

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  1. Sue Sal Says:

    Wow! God, you just amaze me! Thanking Him for how He moves hearts.


    • Julius Matege Says:

      Amazing! To them who serve by calling, I can see that puts it upon them as a burden. He never leaves them feel free unless they have accomplished the purpose of the Lord. I can see God, who is glorifying Himself day by day in CAA. Many blessings to you people.


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