Our Story

The story of  A Child’s Voice (ACV) and Child Advocacy Africa (CAA) begins with Freda Luzinda‘s focused vision to speak up for the welfare of Uganda’s children. By the end of 2011, personal and professional life experiences had allowed Freda the honor of seeing truly needy children find their “forever families” through adoption from Uganda, but also an awareness of disturbing inter-country adoption fraud and corruption. In February 2012, Freda left her professional employment in order to start Child Advocacy Africa as a volunteer. She began focusing on major issues affecting orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) that make them susceptible to pawning through unethical adoption practices. CAA focuses on improvements in the care and protection of vulnerable Ugandan children and their families, with a special concern for institutionalized children.

Also in late 2011, a few adoptive families in the USA had Uganda’s vulnerable children heavy on their hearts and were encouraged to hear Freda’s vision to start CAA. As parents who adopted from Uganda and knew Freda through those experiences, they recognized that a partnership with CAA would help to positively impact Uganda’s children far beyond the single lives of their own adopted children. Aware of Freda’s passion, expertise and connections as a Ugandan working on children’s issues in Uganda, A Child’s Voice was born to help raise support in the USA and to bring awareness to CAA‘s work.