2014 Mid-Year Report

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A Child’s Voice would like to share with you our mid-year report. We are very thankful to God who continues to provide us with many generous supporters so that we may continue to serve the vulnerable in Uganda. Below are the highlights from the work being done through both our teams here in the U.S. and on the ground in Uganda.


Advocacy/Social Policy

  • Outreach event(s) – Two (2) events serving approx. 430-500 vulnerable persons; supplied shoes as well as facilitation of HIV clinics and child immunization programs.
  • Minister of Gender surveys – Two (2) surveys (The first survey involved the effectiveness of the already existing child protection policies. The second was a count of and an assessment of vulnerable families in Kampala and Wakiso districts; surveyed 56 orphanages and identified more than 1650 vulnerable families.)
  • Renovated the Uganda Child and Family Protection Unit (CFPU) main office – 1
  • Global Advocacy trip to Vancouver (presented & served as a panelist) – 1
  • Participated in Advocacy Events in Uganda – part of child protection working group & members of the Committee on children’s Laws and Policies. Bi-Weekly participation, approx… 13
  • Provided employment and/or training opportunities to Ugandan Interns – 16
  • Launched new internship program in US
    • American Interns working in Uganda – 2
    • Stateside Interns working in US – 2
  • A Child’s Voice (ACV) attended two (2) adoption centered retreats for women in the US
  • A Child’s Voice received official 501c3 Status
  • A Child’s Voice (ACV) is in progress of establishing a collaborative partnership on a study abroad program with Grand Valley State University (GVSU)

Family Preservation

  • Resettlements/Reunifications – 9
  • Jobs created/maintained via basket weaving program – 12
  • Secured stall at a local craft market to allow single mothers to sell crafts – 1
  • Full and/or part-time jobs created – 7

Emergency Interventions

  • Food assistance – 52
  • Emergency housing – 15
  • Medical assistance – 8
  • Trafficked children cases – 8

     Educational Activities

  • School Sponsorships – 34 children
  • College Student Sponsorships – 1 young lady
  • Sewing Classes – 12 ladies enrolled
  • We now have a library of children’s books and will have vulnerable children coming over periodically to use the library. To promote early childhood learning. This is a new program we will start in August and in some instances, we will take the books out to the schools so that the children have access to a library.

  Services to Adoption Families

  • Orphan Investigations – 4
  • Post Placement Reports -24

 *Numbers included in this report reflect the work completed in 2014*


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